Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015 To All!

  January 5, 2015
Hola hola!

This week was crazy! Monday and Tuesday was chill.  Wednesday was New Year’s Eve and it was also cambios. That night we got the call for los cambios but I wasn’t expecting either of us to have transfers, but... I was transferred to Villa Cruz! It is still in Cobija but it’s in the area of the other hermanas.  I was super sad because I’ve come to love my area so much and the people and our investigadores and our Rama and I was super bummed.  But I´ll still be in Cobija and it’s a small ciudad so I know I´ll still see them.  We have church in the same capilla so I´ll see the members there too.  I was sad, but I am excited to get to know this area.  I’m now with Hermana C.  She´s from Guatemala and I met her in my first area in Jardin. We´ve been together here in Cobija so we´re good friends and I love her and I’m excited to be with her.  This area is a lot different though.  There are almost no paved roads and it’s all steep hills. There are hardly any buses so we have to walk everywhere and let’s just say I get a good workout every day.  

Thursday on New Year’s Day, it was so silent and there were a lot of people passed out on the streets and people with hangovers and it was kind of funny.  We were like and this is why we don’t drink.  We went to the airport with Hermana D. to go to Santa Cruz and to pick up la compañera de Hermana B., who is la Hermana N. who I love! Then I went to my new area. We went to our pensionista’s house and helped them set up the house for una fiesta - la quinceañera de su hija.  Here they celebrate big the 15th birthday, and it was so pretty. Their house was filled with balloons and decorations and everything.  We worked hard on Friday and Saturday too. It rained super hard so we had to go out in boots because everything was mud.  Sunday was pretty good as well. La Hermana D. who was here before me was in this area 9 months! I was worried it was going to be hard to replace her, but so far it’s been ok.  Now my companion and I are the hermanas capacitadoras and we have our meeting of all the leaders tomorrow, so these next few days are going to be crazy.  This morning we flew to La Paz and then arrived here in Santa Cruz. We´ll be staying en la casa de Belen.  Tomorrow we have meetings all morning.  On Wednesday I have to go to immigration.  We´ll be coming home to Cobija on Thursday.  While we´re here my companion and I are hoping to visit people here in Belen and in Jardin because we were both in these areas. It will be an adventure! I’m really excited for this New Year and for new adventures.  

This year 2015 will be a year full of changes.  I will be finishing my mission in May and then I will come home and then go back to BYU and I will continue with my life.  I´ve learned so much in this past year of 2014 and I couldn’t even begin to describe everything and all the experiences I´ve had.  But what I know is that I have strengthened my testimony so much and I’ve grown as a person and I am so grateful for my mission and for everything it has done for me and the people I´ve been able to meet and to serve.  I love Cobija and I’m excited to be here and to be able to have 4 more months of my mission.  Time is going by so fast! Ciao 2014 y hola 2015!

Con amor, 

Hermana Tijerino

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