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December 29, 2014 - All up to date

December 29, 2014

This week was Christmas and it was super good!
Monday was a normal p-day where we played futbol (Soccer, really) with our new soccer jerseys we had made for our zone, and then we went Christmas shopping to buy things for the families we are teaching.  
Tuesday we had a servicio in the morning and we cleaned the house of the hermana T.  We went there the next day on Christmas Eve to make hot chocolate and empanadas for the activity of our branch. We spent hours getting everything ready and then we had the activity in the capilla and it turned out really nice.  At midnight when we were in bed we heard fireworks and music basically all night and we were like “Feliz Navidad!” and then Thursday it was Christmas Day! I woke up a little early so I could put a few presents and the card I made and a few things on my companion’s desk so when she woke up she would have gifts.   She opened those and I opened the gifts my parents sent and it was really nice.  We left early to go to the pensionista’s house of the other hermanas to make cinnamon rolls to take to the zone meeting.  We did that and they turned out super delicious.  The other hermanas actually prepared a huge breakfast and had a room decorated with a little paper fireplace and a stocking for each one of us and a table full of food, so that was really special.  I loved being able to spend Christmas with our zone.  And of course I got to call home and so I Skyped my family and it was really good to see all of them.  Also the Relief Society of the district prepared a dinner for all the missionaries at the church so we went to that in the evening, and it was really good as well.  So Christmas day was super good! Friday and Saturday things were back to normal a little and we were able to have lessons and teach our investigdora that we have that is super amazing Hermana E.  She came to church yesterday and is progressing a lot and we are so excited for her. That’s all I have time to write.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a great new year! I can’t believe it’s already going to be 2015! The time is going by too fast! I love the mission and I don’t want it to end! This year is going be crazy but I’m excited for the last couple months of my mission and we’ll see what’s prepared for me after.

Con amor,
Hermana Tijerino

NOTE: In order to protect their privacy the names of my companions, members and investigators will be omitted and their name tags obfuscated.

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