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December 8, 2015 - Another late update

December 8, 2014

Hola hola!
This week was really good and especially this weekend because the president and his wife came to Cobija! It’s kind of a big deal because we are so far away and he doesn’t come out very often, so it was really good.  They got here on Friday and we had our zone conference, and then he took us all out to our early Christmas dinner.  Saturday morning we had an activity with Hermana Zambrano and las hermanas of the Relief Society presidency.  We went out and visited the hermanas less actives.  In the afternoon we visited people and picked mangos off a tree and ate them with an hermana who is an older lady and so sweet! Then we went around and invited people to the district conference that we were going to have Saturday and Sunday (it’s like stake conference but here it’s a district because it’s so small). Then we went there in the evening and listened to a really good discurso by the presidente and he talked about how discouragement doesn’t come from God and it will diminish our faith. We talked about how we can strengthen our faith and get rid of discouragement and how we can live the gospel and be happy. He said something I really liked – “Ser feliz es una consecuencia de vivir el evangelio”, which means that being happy is the consequence of living the gospel. 

On Sunday it was really good even though for the first half of the conference there wasn’t power so there wasn’t light and there wasn’t a microphone and there wasn’t air conditioning and there were MUCHAS personas in a small chapel, so everyone was dying. But then the power came on and there was aire!! The presidente talked about reverence and how reverence leads to receiving revelation.  Later in the afternoon we had our interviews with presidente and he talked to all of us (there are 14 missionaries here in our zone de Cobija).  He told us how really he trusts us, because we’re so far from Santa Cruz, that we’re all here for a reason, and that we have a responsibility to help build up the church in this pueblo.  I really do feel so lucky because it’s the jungle and it’s beautiful.  But don’t get me wrong, it is hard too, because it’s basically the hottest place in all Bolivia and we’re away from all the other missionaries. But also it’s great because I love our zone and we’re like a small little family here and I love it.   Presidente y Hermana Zambrano are on their way back to Santa Cruz and we’ve all been nourished and strengthened and ready to work and to share the gospel with these people and help them come unto Christ, especially in this season of Christmas.  If you havent seen this video yet, go and watch it:  He is the Gift :)

Love you all, con mucho amor

Hermana Tijerino

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