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September 29, 2014 - Update

September 22, 2014

Hola hola,

This week was super fun.  Last Monday there wasn’t a zone activity so we decided to go to the zoo, because it’s in our area.  There´s not a whole lot there, but it was super fun because the whole time we were joking about how we´re going to baptize all the animals and how we have a message to share with them and their family and everything, and it was hilarious.  We also re-created the first vision.  Haha, this is what happens when you´ve been a missionary for a long time… haha.  Anyway, then Tuesday night until Wednesday night we did intercambios with the hermanas in Montero, which is a small pueblo about an hour away from Santa Cruz.  So Hermana M. and I went there with a new missionary and then the other Hermana came here to our area with Hermana C.   It was really cool to go to this area, because it’s just a little small vintage town.  We had some good times and taught really good lessons.  Then the rest of the week we´ve been focusing on two investigadores that we have con una fecha baustimal.  
And good news we have a baptism this Saturday!!! He´s a man named Adbon V..  He has 5 daughters, and one of the daughters lives here in our ward. They´re from a small village in Sucre, but they´re here living with their daughter for a while.  They have another daughter that’s on a mission in Brazil.  His wife was baptized about 2 years ago, but he wasn’t ready yet, but his time has come and he has a sincere desire to repent and to be baptized.  He speaks español and another idoma called quetchwa, or something like that.   He´s really great and I’m so happy that he´s going to get baptized. 
Next week we´re going to have the baptism of Hermana M., who I was writing about last week who lives with members.  Anyway, I’ve been doing really well. We´re still in trio, and there´s never a dull moment, haha.  Hermana M. is becoming one of my best friends.  I love her.  Anyway I don’t have too much time to write, just please pray for Hermano adbon y para su bautismo este sabado and also para Hermana M.  

Thanks love you all,
Con mucho amor

Hermana Tijerino

NOTE: In order to protect their privacy the names of my companions, members and investigators will be omitted and their name tags obfuscated.

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