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September 15, 2014 - Update

September 15, 2014


So one thing I´ve learned on the misión is that there is nothing ever sure, and you should always expect the unexpected, haha.  So this week Hermana S., one of the other hermanas in our area went home due to problems with her knees.  So that left her companion Hermana M. to join with Hermana C. and me, so now we´re in trio.  I LOVE Hermana M.  She´s from La Paz, Bolivia, and she is so great.  She´s small but so crazy and fun and has so much energy, and she is seriously the best.   So we´re now working in all of our area Belen, like what happened before. It is a little hard because it is a really big area, but it’s been really good so far.  I’ve been so happy to be able to go back and visit some of the converts and the less actives and investigadores that I got to meet in the time that I was in that area.  This week we had a noche de hogar con la familia A. that lives in the other area, and I love their family so much.  They are a family of 7 that live in a very small humble home, but they are so happy.  I could just feel so strongly the spirit and gozo when we were there gathered around with their whole family sharing the plan of salvation and how they are a familia eterna because they went to the temple and are sealed together for time and all eternity.  
Something that we’ve been sharing a lot this week with the people we´ve been visiting is about the plan of salvation and family history work.  I myself have learned so much about it and how important and how beautiful it is. I never really thought much about family history, but this ward has been so faithful and diligent in doing family history, and the people are so excited to be able to bring names to the temple.  Also this week we had a noche de hogar com la familia E..  They are a family of 6 that also live in a really small home, and they´ve been less active for some time but they´re made the goal to come back to church and this Sunday was their second Sunday. It’s amazing to see how much they are working towards achieving this goal and to see how much this gospel really blesses families.  We´re also trying to help them to achieve the bigger goal to get to the temple.   
ALSO we had a super great noche de hogar with Hermana Paola.  We´ve been concerned because she has been progressing really well and going to seminary and the activities and things, but she hasn’t been coming to church.  We feel like she doesn’t know very many of the mujeres jovenes.  So we planned to have a noche de hogar with her and the young women. We thought that just like 10 or 15 people were going to come, but to our surprise, ALL of the young women AND all of the young men came, and the leaders, and we had about 30 people or more there, and we all fit, haha.  The Obispo had some of the jovenes bear their testimonies and it was so perfect for Paola to be able to hear their testimonies, so she could strengthen her testimony.  Then we played mafia, which was so much fun.  I think Paola felt really good that everyone came, and we are going to visit her this week and I’m hoping that she will finally accept a baptism date.  
We also found a lady this week that works in the home of a member that says she wants to get baptized, because she´s listened to the family read the Book of Mormon together and pray together and from the example that they´ve set she feels the desire to get baptized, which just makes me so happy.  We also have a few other people that we have on the horizon that I think will get baptized, so things are going well.  Like my companions and I say ¨Somos peligrosas y ponderosas.¨

Love you all,

Hermana Tijerino

NOTE: In order to protect their privacy the names of my companions, members and investigators will be omitted and their name tags obfuscated.

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