Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My First photos at the MTC

Hello Friends and Family,

Today we had our P-day and we got to go to the Bogota Temple. Here are some photos from the MTC.
Some of these pictures are from my first P-Day and from my companions my district and current group at the MTC.

This is the entrance of the MTC or CCM. Centro de Capacitacion Misional.

This is the current group of missionaries at the MTC. Spanish speaking missionaries spend two weeks at the MTC and then are sent to their missions. English speaking missionaries spend 6 weeks at the MTC prior to being sent to the missions they have been called to.

These are my two companions at the MTC. Sister B. and Sister M.

These are my two Latin room-mates. Sister A. from Venezuela and Sister R. from Mexico. They are great and have been helping with the language. They were here at the MTC for two weeks and have left for their assigned countries.

This is Sister M. our instructor, she is like our mom away from home. We love her.

This is our district during P-day having some fun.

My two companions with Sister A. from Venezuela.

My two companions with Sister R. from Mexico.

P-day with my companions.

My companions and our instructor.

Yours truly.

NOTE: In order to protect their privacy the names of my companions will be omitted and their name tags obfuscated.

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