Sunday, November 17, 2013

First week adventures at the Colombian MTC.


I´m alive! Sorry I haven´t written yet, today is our first P day, and we only have an hour.  It’s really dumb because it´s almost been two weeks since we got here, and the next p day is in like 3 days... but whatever.
So far I am loving the MTC! And I love Colombia! It rains at least once a day (the first week it did), and there are some sweet thunderstorms.

It is so much fun to be here surrounded by all these missionaries! There are about 30 North Americans, and twice as many from South America.  I love all the people here! I love my district and my companions especially!  I´m in a trio with Hermana B., from Washington (and she graduated from BYU), and Hermana M., from North Carolina.  They are both so funny and so awesome! We get along super well.  They make me laugh a lot. I like them A LOT. And we have two other roommates, one from Venezuela and one from Mexico.  They´re both super nice and are helping us with our Spanish.  All of the Latinos here are so great.  And everyone says that the Venezuelans talk the fastest, and I’m like, yeah seriously!  It´s so cool though to be able to have my background that I can connect with people.

Ok, I love the food here.  They have Colombian hot chocolate for breakfast like every morning.   and they have yucca and fried plantains, and arepas, and the bread and dessert is so yummy.  I love it.
The days are super long here.  every morning its wake up at 6:30 AM, we go exercise, then we get ready and have breakfast, and its class, class, class, lunch, class, class, class, dinner, class, class, class, and then get ready for bed.  It´s exhausting, but I´m learning so much. I’m learning a lot of Spanish and a lot of spiritual things as well.  And I love my teachers.  We have Hermano M. and he is so cute and funny, and then Hermana M. is THE BEST.  She is like our mini mommy.  She is the sweetest and she is such a great teacher.

So, so far, a lot of other cool things have happened.  First, a funny story.  On like the third day we had our first practice investigator, who was just Hermano M.  When we went to go teach him, we didn´t know we were supposed to pretend to knock on the door and everything, so my companions and I just walked in and starting talking to him, and he was like “who are you guys?” “what are you doing in my house?” In Spanish of course, and my companions didn´t understand, and I was cracking up, and once I told them that we just walked in, they starting cracking up too, and then I couldn't stop laughing during our whole lesson with him... haha.  It´s gotten a lot better though.

Anyway, so on Wednesday we got to go to the Bogotá temple and that was such a cool experience.  it was cool driving there to see the city and everything. The temple is beautiful! it was awesome.
Then the best thing that´s happened so far was today, we got to go proselyting (street contacting- talking to people on the street) all morning.  We went into the city and walked around and talked to people, and it was such a cool experience.  We found some people that were really accepting and really wanted to talk to us (but maybe that´s just cuz we´re all attractive American girls), but anyway, it was still really cool.  we gave away two books of Mormon and some pamphlets and got 6 people´s information that we can give to the missionaries here.  I want to tell you more about that experience, but for now, it was just really cool, and even though our Spanish wasn´t very good, we could speak and communicate with the people.
I am really excited to learn more and become better at teaching and speaking Spanish.  All of your prayers are appreciated! Muchas gracias! I love you

Sis. Tijerino

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