Friday, December 13, 2013

Last week at the Bogota MTC. Ready for what is next.


Ok, I have lots to say so hopefully I will get through it all.  So last week on the district...haha. 
On Wednesday night my new Latino companion arrived! She´s from Ecuador and she´s 19, and she´s the sweetest thing ever!  Her name is Hermana O. She is like a little sister, so cute and nice and so patient with me.  

On Thursday it was orientation for most of the day, and then we got put into our Latino districts that evening.  Friday was the first day of classes, and it was so hard.  There´s only me and one other North American in my district, and it´s really rough. I felt like crying all day.  Everyone talks so fast and I felt like I had no idea what was going on.  Saturday was also really hard too.  But after talking to the guys from my old district, they all felt the same way.  I´m so glad also that I have Hermana B., because she´s always there to talk to and make me laugh.  We also talked to our old teacher Hermana M., who we LOVE, and she helped encourage us a lot too.  We´re also starting to have a grammar class with her for an hour a day to help with our Spanish. Overall I think my Spanish has improved a lot, but I’m still not sure how I’m ever going to become fluent... but anyways.
Sunday was really good as always.  That evening, we were able to get together with all the North Americans and watch a movie in English.  It was so nice to be back with them, and talk in English for a little bit.  It was also hilarious because we watched Legacy, and the acting is so cheesy, we couldn’t help but laugh the whole time.  Also Sunday night, my roommates and I had a giggle fest.  I seriously love all the girls in my room.  There´s me and my comp, Hermana B. and her companion Hermana L., and Hermana L. and Hermana Y., who are both so cute and hilarious.  Actually, this past week, every night we are laughing about something, and can´t stop.  I love it. I also just love all the girls here.  I feel like we all became friends from the start, and that’s really nice.

On Monday, my companion was sick, so I was with Sister B. and her companion for the day.  On Tuesday we went proselytizing, and that was really fun.  We weren´t getting any luck until the very end, when we found this sweet old lady and her daughter, and we talked to them for a while, teaching them about the gospel and bearing testimony to them.  I gave her a book of Mormon, and she seemed really interested in reading it.  The older lady told us she was very sick, and we simply told her that heavenly father loves her and can help her, and she started crying.  It was a very sweet experience.  We left her with the missionary´s info, a book of Mormon, and a pamphlet with the address of the church too, so I really hope that that goes somewhere.  Also that day I felt like I really started to connect with my district.  A lot of the guys are so hilarious.    

On Wednesday we went to the temple, and that was a really good experience.  Yesterday was a pretty good day, and my feat was that I memorized D&C 4 in Spanish!  This morning we went to the temple again and that was really nice.  Probably the last time I’ll be able to go for a while.  

Also, two things I have discovered here at the CCM.  One, Latinos are so short! I am like one of the tallest people here, and that is a first! Also, I’ve never been so tired in my life! This is exhausting! But it has also been an amazing experience and I have learned so much.  I can´t believe that I leave on Monday!  Crazy! And I also can’t believe that its almost Christmas! It doesn’t feel like it. I´m not sure if I´ll be able to email before Christmas, so if not, FELIZ NAVIDAD! 

Love, Hermana Tijerino

Pictures of the week:

My current district

Me and sister B. being silly.
Me and sister B. being Happy.

Some of the sisters currently at the MTC

All the sisters at the MTC

Bolivian flag

Me and Elder M. from Peru.

Yours truly being pretty.

Me and my new companion Sister O.

Me and two of the Latina Sisters.

Sassy sisters?

Two companionships. 

Feliz navidad!

Sister Tijerino wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

NOTE: In order to protect their privacy the names of my companions will be omitted and their name tags obfuscated.

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