Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas came and went...

Hola! I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Last week was really hard but things have been getting better since then.  Last Monday after emailing we were able to go shopping and buy all the food we needed.

On Tuesday it was Christmas eve, and we decided to go knocking on doors and we made copies of the Living Christ, and so we gave them to people to help them remember why we celebrate Christmas.  It was hard at first, but we were able to find a couple of people that let us in and we were able to testify of Christ to them, and now we have two more investigators! That night, at the member’s house that we are living with they invited us to have dinner with them, so we had empanadas and Paneton and cookies, and it was all really good.
On Christmas day, it was pretty much a normal day.  We woke up at 6:30 AM and then we got ready and we had the other hermanas that live at the same place as us come over for breakfast and then we gathered around our tiny little tree and we opened the presents we had from each other and from the family that we live with.  I opened my package that I got from my parents, which was really nice - thanks mom and dad.  Then during the day we visited members and delivered Christmas cards that we made.  That night we had dinner with a less active family, and of course I got to call home, so that was really nice. 

This Christmas was the hottest Christmas I’ve ever spent!  anyway, so it was good.  Then on Thursday it was the day of all the meetings.  On Friday my companion and I were both sick because we ate something bad, so we stayed home for most of the day, then on Saturday we were back on our feet teaching investigators and less active families.  We have this new investigator Felipe, and he is so awesome, we taught him the first lesson and he was so interested and had so many questions about everything and I think he will be a really good investigator.

Yesterday on Sunday, it was the primary program, and it was so cute, the kids here are the cutest things ever, I love them.  Anyway, things have been better because once I started to love the people, then I started to be happier and remember why I`m here. Also my relationship with my companion has been a lot better, so that helped a ton.  I`ve also just realized that even though I have a lot of challenges right now and a lot of changes and new things I need to learn, the Lord blesses his servants.  Little things have happened that have made me realize that the Lord is looking out for me.  I am really grateful to be here and I’m trying to love the people and serve them as much as I can.

Love you all,

Hermana Tijerino

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